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Start Date: Feb 17, 2019 Days: Sundays Time: 4PM-7PM

Make a splash with a stunning statement necklace made completely by hand! We will explore making one-of-a-kind sterling silver pendants featuring colorful cabochon stones, which hang from gorgeous handmade chains. We will use silver, copper and bronze wire to form loops and links, which then can be combined in infinite variations for fun metal chains. To pull your unique necklace together, we will also learn how to make a variety of toggle and hook clasps. You’ll come away from class with at least two completely original finished necklaces, and the skills to make many more!

Start Date: Feb 23, 2019 Days: Saturdays Time: 1PM-4PM

Prerequisites: None

An introduction to understanding how to draw leaves realistically. We’ll learn about different types vein structure, and some different ways to render venation. We’ll also learn some basic techniques for drawing leaves curling in space or on a branch. 

Start Date: Feb 28, 2019 Days: Thursdays Time: 6PM-9PM

Prerequisites: None

In this class focused on still life painting, you will explore the still life in historical, political, and metaphysical phases. Beginning with charcoal drawing and moving into painting, you will slow down your seeing process in order to draw or paint what you see. We will discuss painting and drawing and look at artists who were passionate about the still life. In creating our own still life set ups, we will pay attention to how the composition affects the viewer’s experience and how narrative is developed. You will end the class with a small portfolio of a variety of paintings and drawings as well as more knowledge of the still life.

Start Date: Mar 9, 2019 Days: Saturday Time: 9:30AM – 4:30PM

“There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change.” (Wm Stafford)

Slow stitching, the meditative art of hand sewing, is a chance to relax and enjoy the rhythmic dance of needle and thread as we construct an elegant little memento of the day using new and vintage fabrics, basic piecing methods, embroidery stitches, and simple shapes.  We’ll enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, a treat or two, and the company of like-minded souls.

Start Date: Mar 29, 2019 Days: Fridays Time: 1PM - 4PM

Focus this term will be on the Irish Half-Uncial script as seen in the Book of Kells. Students will learn how do create Celtic knotwork, design crazy animals and will make a small book with a leather wrapped cover. In each class, students will have time for deliberate practice, for experimental writing and trying new materials. Beginning, intermediate and advanced students welcome.



MARILYN ZORNADO is a book artist, calligrapher and animator. Her books are at the John Wilson Special Collection and University of Washington. Her animated films have been screened around the world. Author of “Adventures in Pen Land, An Inky Journey.”

Start Date: Apr 2, 2019 Days: Tuesdays Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm

This course focuses on the fundamentals of working with copper, brass, and sterling silver as an introduction to jewelry fabrication. Techniques covered include sawing, drilling, filing, sanding, annealing, forming, surface finishing, soldering, and bezel setting. Class projects include a set of carved stacking rings and a piercing pendant incorporating a round cabochon stone setting.


ARIELLE BRACKETT is a metalsmith based in Portland, Oregon. She received her BFA in metals at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2017. Brackett was awarded best in metals at the Colorado Gallery of the Arts in Littleton, Colorado and the Art Center of Estes Park in Estes.

Start Date: Apr 3, 2019 Days: Wednesdays Time: 6:45PM-8:45PM

Demystifying Your DSLR and an Introduction to Lightroom

This class offers an in-depth look at digital photography. In this four week course, instructor Beth Conyers will help you navigate your camera’s settings, use manual modes, and learn what all of those camera buttons actually do! 

Photography is not all that complicated if you understand a few simple concepts like f-stops, shutter speeds, and ISO. You will learn how to beautifully blur backgrounds, perfectly freeze motion, and bring your entire picture into focus. This class will also cover camera topics and techniques such as metering, composition, and how to improve shooting conditions. We will also discuss some must-know technical details, such as determining file types, using histograms, setting white balance, and choosing lenses. 

The Introduction to Lightroom sessions will introduce you to the fundamental tools, techniques, and workflows for Lightroom CC.  In these sessions we will look at the tools and workflows you’ll need to know for organizing and editing your photos.  

By the end of the course you will have a broad understanding of how to use your DSLR and be able to dive in and start using Lightroom for your own photos and projects right away

Start Date: Apr 3, 2019 Days: Wednesdays Time: 6:00PM-9:00PM

"The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life."

- Steve Jobs 
Begin again and welcome the returning spring with the creative exploration of natural plant dyes.  This year’s focus continues with color on cotton and other plant fibers.  We’ll explore traditional and experimental methods of applying mordants, multiple process dyes, layering of colors, and a variety of print techniques. 

Note: This course is a continuing study group; while we build upon previous experience, adventurous beginners are always welcome!

Start Date: Apr 13, 2019 Days: Saturday, Sunday Time: 9:30AM – 4:30PM

Continue the Thrift is Poetic series with this opportunity to convert worn denim trousers into a fashionable bag.  We’ll incorporate some specialty techniques such as printing with indigo and other pigments, a simple indigo dye vat, and some couture construction techniques.  Styles could include handbag or shoulder straps, tote or pocketbook, side or patch pockets.  We’ll choose from a variety of additional fabric accents and closure options. Minimal sewing experience required.