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Start Date: Feb 23, 2019 Days: Saturdays Time: 1PM-4PM

Prerequisites: None

An introduction to understanding how to draw leaves realistically. We’ll learn about different types vein structure, and some different ways to render venation. We’ll also learn some basic techniques for drawing leaves curling in space or on a branch. 

Start Date: Feb 28, 2019 Days: Thursdays Time: 6PM-9PM

Prerequisites: None

In this class focused on still life painting, you will explore the still life in historical, political, and metaphysical phases. Beginning with charcoal drawing and moving into painting, you will slow down your seeing process in order to draw or paint what you see. We will discuss painting and drawing and look at artists who were passionate about the still life. In creating our own still life set ups, we will pay attention to how the composition affects the viewer’s experience and how narrative is developed. You will end the class with a small portfolio of a variety of paintings and drawings as well as more knowledge of the still life.