Advanced Problems in Clay & Glaze


Prerequisite: Demystifying Glaze & Clay or Instructor Permission

This class is a follow up to Demystifying Glaze & Clay. Students will continue to explore and develop custom clay, glaze, and firing choices that align with and support the body of work they are interested in developing.

The class is offered in a round table format. Every week we will gather around the table to share our latest experiments and discoveries, and analyze how and why specific effects in our glazes and clay bodies are achieved. Articles and handouts that further enhance a holistic understanding of ceramics are provided and discussed each week. We will continue to learn about clay and glaze formulation, understanding raw materials and ceramic chemistry, how colorants and opacifiers work, and explore oxidation, reduction and atmospheric firing.

Students are encouraged to make work during open studio hours, as class time is primarily devoted to discussions and demonstrations. It is important to note that this class will not teach techniques for making, but focus instead on the chemistry of clay, glaze and firing.



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Thursday, January 31, 2019
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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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