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SPRING BREAK YA! CAMP: Ceramics & Drawing


Art Adventures YA! (Young Adult) Day Camp introduces students in grades 6-8 to OCAC’s professional art studios under the guidance of working artists and arts educators. Each weeklong session is comprised of two in-depth art workshops. This intensive exploration of two different studio techniques provides the developing teen boundless opportunity for self-expression and personal exploration. The YA! Day Camp is an ideal starting point for any youth interested in pursuing art at a more complex and rigorous level.

At the end of the week, we welcome both family and friends to come to campus at 4:00pm for our Friday Art Show, where students can show off their work and view work done by other YA! participants.

Each weeklong camp runs 9:00am-5:00pm, every day. Supervised care is available from 8am-9am (Before Care) and from 5pm-6pm (After Care). Before/After Care is offered as a package for an additional fee of $30 per session. No person under the age of 15 years may wait unsupervised on the campus of Oregon College of Art and Craft.

The two workshops for YA! Spring Break Camp are Ceramics and Drawing:


Ceramics is a very hands-on workshop! You get to explore with mud, fire it, and keep it forever. We have two different processes that campers focus on in the ceramics class. The first process is learning to work on the wheel in the ceramics studio. Students learn to center the clay and form and build throughout the week. This means campers come away with thrown objects that can be used functionally, or as art pieces. The second process is hand building. Campers make sculptural objects when hand-building- exploring the limitless possibilities of forming clay. All projects are fired and either glazed or painted, so they come away with wonderfully finished pieces. 



Drawing is one of our most popular, pivotal and foundational workshops at Art Adventures. Experienced instructors, who are also professional artists, teach our drawing workshops and guide students starting from their individual skill level. Working with various marking making tools (charcoal, pencils, graphite and erasures) We will be drawing from a wide variety of topics and styles- from life drawing to abstract imagery and how to make an exciting image or mark on paper. Drawing is a necessary tool to help refine all other skills in art. At YA! Camp, this foundation is fun filled, and many projects are completed within the large umbrella of what a drawing could be. Students are invited to question, explore, experiment, and solve problems as they create and interact with art. 

If you need to add Before/After Care please search under the Grades 1-5 option and register for:

Spring Break Camp - Before & After Care (Grades 1-8)



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YA! (Young Adult): Grades 6-8
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Monday, March 26, 2018
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Friday, March 30, 2018
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