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Start Date: Oct 21, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm (Sat, Sun)

Marilyn Zornado will introduce you to the principles of animation as you explore the technical aspects of getting from paper prints to video. Learn the basic principles to the printing press for future projects. Create animated GIFs of the work that you make in class to use on websites or post on social media. No previous experience necessary.

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Oct 26, 2017 Days: Thu Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm (Thu)

Follow-up to Darkroom I, Darkroom II is designed for students who want to refine and expand their darkroom skills. Explore advanced darkroom techniques including fiber base printing, push and pull printing, flashing and mooning, and split filtration. Create a conceptual series of fine art fiber-base prints. Tuition includes access to the OCAC darkroom during Open Studio hours throughout the month of the class.

Prerequisites: Darkroom I or instructor consent. You must have an SLR film camera with shutter speed and aperture controls. 

Start Date: Oct 28, 2017 Days: Sat Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm (Sat)

Learn to make a small, personal natural indigo vat without worrying about toxicity or cost of heavy chemicals.  This vat uses fruit residue in a natural chemical reduction to produce a quick, reliable, long-lasting indigo blue.  We'll explore simple resist techniques that produce textile patterns on silk and cotton fabrics, as well as threads for stitching. You will learn care and maintenance of your vats.

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Oct 28, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Sat, Sun)

This course will focus on the historical, cultural, and functional applications of Chinese tea wares and the appreciation of various teas that are implemented in Gongfu Cha (Literally translates to “making tea with skill”). The course will begin with a slideshow on a brief survey of Chinese tea history and tea culture, and many of the numerous tea ware types used to prepare, infuse, and enjoy loose/whole leaf teas. Students will learn to make a gaiwan (tea infusing vessel consisting of a lid, bowl, and saucer), a chahu (teapot), cha bei (teacup), cha hai (fairness cup), and a small cha pan (tea boat). The course will conclude with a slideshow and tea tasting that will focus on a selection of delicious Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese teas consisting of white, green, oolong, and puerh. Students will use the wares that they made in class for the concluding tea tasting.

The dates of this 5 session course are: 10/28 ,10/29, 11/4, 11/5, 11/11

Prerequisties: Beginning to intermediate pottery wheel-throwing skills are required for this course.

Start Date: Oct 28, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Sat, Sun)

Monoline lettering is a great way to learn new styles of lettering and explore the principles of lettering, layout, and design, without complicated tools. Learn several styles of monoline lettering that use B-nibs including the Art Nouveau lettering of Rennie Mackintosh and the architectural lettering of Frank Lloyd Wright among others.  Explore different ways of working with letters that can be applied to other calligraphic styles and tools. Appropriate for all levels of experience and ideal for those who are new to lettering arts.

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Oct 30, 2017 Days: Mon Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Mon)

Explore your digital cutting tool and software through fun exercises to build confidence drawing digitally and cutting out shapes. Then the pop-ups begin! We’ll cover multiple ways to make paper elements pop out and unfold as a card opens up. We’ll even explore the sketch pen attachments to embellish and write messages on the cards.

Note: Class instruction uses the Cameo USA digital cutting system (either the Silhouette or Portrait model). Because of the difference in other brands, digital cutting systems such as Cricut or Sizzix will not be acceptable for use in this class. Students either bring in their own Cameo Silhouette or Portrait digital cutting system and laptop, or they may purchase a new Cameo Portrait digital cutting system at the class. Students must also bring in a personal laptop for the class. Computer access at OCAC will not be provided. 

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Nov 3, 2017 Days: Fri Sat Sun Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm (Fri) 9:30am - 4:30pm (Sat, Sun)

Paint eye-catching portraits with a big brush. Learn and apply the following concepts:

• “See the forest for the trees”- how to effectively block-in a painting, the big brush approach, and strategies for greater brushwork confidence and capturing the spirit of the pose.

• Work from observation and learn to accurately observe value and color relationships to mix equivalent analogies with oil paint.

• Learn from and discuss past and contemporary masterworks to inform your work and artistic vision.

Focus on the eight keys vital to portrait painting and a working process to progressively finish a portrait study in three hours.

Prerequisites: Some drawing experience preferred but open to all levels                   


Start Date: Nov 3, 2017 Days: Mon Fri Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Mon, Fri)

Elevate imagery from one side of a block of wood using hand tools called gouges. Gain the skills to upgrade your projects and surprise yourself with capability. This style of carving creates timeless pieces of unique art. Projects will equip you with knowledge in properly utilizing tools and wood while safely creating unique imagery that can accompany many wood projects to come. All materials will be provided!                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Prerequisites:  None

Start Date: Nov 4, 2017 Days: Sat Time: 9:00pm - 4:00pm (Sat)

Laser cutters offer an endless range of possibilities for artistic and creative use. This one-day workshop will cover the entire process of using a laser cutter from creating a design to a finished product. Beginning with how to create successful designs for the laser cutter using Adobe Illustrator, we’ll walk through each step of fabrication using the laser cutter. Class discussion will consider the possibilities and limitations afforded by using the laser cutter as an artistic tools, while also offering hands-on experience in experimenting and utilizing the laser cutter in order to create artwork.

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Nov 4, 2017 Days: Sat Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm (Sat)

Explore the most famous blue in the world using a different aspect of design: printing on cloth and paper! Sample indigo dye, indigo print paste, and indigo ink in this one-day comprehensive workshop. Designs may be printed using traditional and non-traditional methods, including block printing, screen printing, stenciling and direct application. 

Prerequisites: None


Start Date: Nov 6, 2017 Days: Mon Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Mon)

You’ve completed your first digital photography class, or perhaps it has been a few years. You are pleased with your pictures but sense they could be better.  But how?  If only you knew which questions to ask.  You’ll spend six weeks exploring how to improve your pictures under the patient guidance of Frank Lavelle, a photo-educator and fine-art photographer with over thirty years experience. Learn to take advantage of light and color and adding emotional, symbolic, and intuitive elements to your photographs.  Weekly assignments are complemented by critiques and slide presentations illustrating technical and aesthetic issues, including often misunderstood issues like composition and exposure.  Expand your repertoire with the introduction of low-light photography/night and flash                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Prerequisite: Digital Photography 1 or the equivalent experience

Start Date: Nov 8, 2017 Days: Wed Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Wed)

Welcome the return of autumn with an exploration of natural color from plants on both fabrics and papers.  This term’s focus will be on the decorative art of printing with natural dye sources.  We’ll use traditional block printing methods, multi-color registration of pattern, screen-printing, mono-printing, direct application with brush, and some new shibori methods. Multiple mordant, dye, and pigment applications are included in the investigations.  While this course builds upon previous experience, adventurous beginners are always welcome!

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Nov 11, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Sat, Sun)

Who doesn’t love embroidered patches? When I was a kid, I had a nylon jacket covered in patches. It was a personal statement of who I was and where I’d been. In this workshop, experiment with and combine several different techniques. Use painting, drawing and printing techniques with paper and fabric. Start with some mark making exercises using watercolor, pencil and paper collage, then translate and layer those ideas with hand and/or machine stitch. Painting on fabric and transfer/printed images and layer those images with stitches.  Express yourself through color, texture and layers. We’ll use your own images as a base to create your own patches that tell your personal story.

Prerequisites: Some sewing/ drawing/ painting experience preferred.                       

Start Date: Nov 11, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Sat, Sun)

Explore bundling as a way to collect, protect, and preserve the personal. Use your own history, used items, and personal ephemera, such as letters, used clothing, and saved items to create bundled sculptures that speak to the hidden, the mystical, and the preservation of a life lived. Wrapping items with string, yarn, and fabrics, and utilizing paper, paint and limestone clay, create and transform personal history to rare and magical artworks. 

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Nov 18, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Sat, Sun)

A few basic skills can take you far. Explore the beauty of found objects and how honing fundamental skills can strengthen any design. With emphasis in tab settings of irregular objects and linkage methods, create samples and experiment with combining methods into thoughtful jewelry. Expect to create several small pieces or a set of pieces and leave with a refined knowledge of skills in small metals. Bring your treasures!

Prerequisites:  Beginning metals experience suggested but not required.

Start Date: Dec 2, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm (Sat, Sun)

Explore printing techniques as stand alone processes or combine them for a layered process.  Experiment with silkscreen material techniques using drawn and cut stencils, design projects using photos, drawings, or digital files. Prepare images for use with photo sensitive emulsion in the OCAC computer lab before exposing screens on a light table. By the end of the course, printed garments, papers, and more will allow for endless making possibilities.  Course includes muslin fabric, one cotton tote bag, and one screen to take home. Bring any natural fabric garments or items to use.

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Dec 2, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Sat, Sun)

If you are looking to share and connect with other artists internationally, this is it!  Mail art (also known as postal art and correspondence art) is a populist artistic movement centered on sending small-scale works through the postal service.  In this two-day workshop, we will build a community while working on projects like artist trading cards, collages, making a ‘zine out of one sheet of paper, add and pass sheets and plastic pop bottles as envelopes. Mail art is a personal artistic correspondence with another artist while creating a fabric of weaving together a community who is sharing ideas, experiences, personal stories, and wonderful art.

Prerequisites: None

Start Date: Dec 5, 2017 Days: Tue Wed Thu Time: 6:45pm - 8:45pm (Tue, Wed, Thu)

The journal is a vessel that holds our ideas, dreams, and plans. Learn the step-by-step process of making your own hardbound journal!  From paper preparation, stitching, to designing the hardcover of your journals, explore the techniques and proper use of tools in class and through video tutorials for viewing at later dates.  While Moleskin journals are trending, nothing is a better keeper for your best ideas than a journal made by hand.

Prerequisites: None