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Start Date: Jul 26, 2017 Days: Wed Thu Fri Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Wed, Thu, Fri)

A few basic skills can take you far. In this class we’ll explore the beauty of objects and how honing fundamental skills can strengthen any design. With emphasis in tab settings of irregular objects, and linkage methods, students will be encouraged to create samples and experiment with combining methods into thoughtful jewelry. Students can expect to create several small pieces and/or one large statement piece throughout this concentrated class and leave with a refined knowledge of basic skills in small metals.

Prerequisite: Beginning metals experience suggested but not required.

Start Date: Aug 19, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Sat, Sun)

Foldforming is a fast way to manipulate flat sheets of metal to make 3D forms. By heating, folding and hammering thin sheets of metal you can experiment with the variety of forms that unfold as you work. With a few subtle hammer blows your copper sheet can transform into a multitude of forms, from leaves and flowers to striking geometric structures. Take it further by colorizing the metal using some simple patinas. This dynamic, experimental work will inform your artistic process as your ideas for sculpture and jewelry evolve. Join us as we test the limits and learn more about foldforming, chemical and heat patinas!

No prerequisites.

Start Date: Sep 16, 2017 Days: Sat Sun Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Sat, Sun)

This two-day workshop gives beginning casters a fast way to make handmade rings, pendants and earrings. Cuttlefish bone is a soft, carvable substance with a distinct wood-grain texture. It has been used as a mold material for casting since the middle ages, and jewelers still make unique, one of a kind pieces using this direct-casting method. Students will explore carving or making impressions in the cuttlebone, then cast with molten bronze or silver. We will then use metalsmithing skills such as sawing, filing and soldering to finish the pieces and go home with fabulous new jewelry to wear and share!

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing preferred but not required.