Chanda Zea

“I am in love with objects. When I find an object I particularly love, I pare it down to pure form, taking away original function, color, and material, leaving nothing to distract from the beauty of the original design.

Light and shadow on lustrous white ceramic surfaces emphasize the lines and planes that originally called to me. I add in other materials, balancing an abundance of color and texture with the purity of forms to create compositions that enhance and sometimes encompass walls and rooms.”

Chanda’s diverse studio practice ranges from installation to utilitarian ceramics, and is inspired by objects of home and industry, particularly mid-century design and decor. She has fulfilled teaching appointments, residencies and non-profit board service across the country, and is currently an OCAC instructor & the ceramics studio manager. She is represented by Eutectic Gallery here in Portland. View her work at or on social media @chandazea