Park, Eliot

After getting his BFA in Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010, ELIOT PARK has worked for various furniture companies in New York and Philadelphia area for 5 years. While acting as the woodshop manager at a design build in Brooklyn, he pursued his MFA in the Applied Craft + Design program where his practice became about the human relationship to objects and identity. He is now a co-curator in residence at the Furthermore Gallery in Portland, OR. 

Pearl, Cora

CORA PEARL started studying calligraphy at age 11 and has been doing calligraphy and hand lettering ever since. She has a BA in Art and Art History from Oberlin College. Cora works as a full-time calligrapher and teacher of lettering arts. She teaches calligraphy and hand lettering at Portland Community College and teaches independent workshops, classes and private sessions. She has taught at several calligraphy conferences including Letters of Joy, IAMPETH, Letterfest, and at the International Calligraphy Conference, and Letters California Style 2018.

Prentiss, Alex

ALEX PRENTISS has been a relief printmaker for over twenty-five years and making prints using Japanese printmaking methods since 1996. Her Moku Hanga teacher is Elaine Chandler, who studied with Akira Kurosaki in Japan. She is also an experienced letterpress printer, book artist and the owner of McClain's Printmaking Supplies since 2001.


Reeves, Veronica

VERONICA REEVES received her MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2015 and her BFA from University of Colorado at Denver in 2008. Reeves spent most of her formative years relocating to different U.S. locations, from the blue and green Pacific Northwest, to the verdant and bright Honolulu, then the monotonous and tempestuous Mid-West, and the iron red drama of Colorado. This transitory experience became a resource for an expanded view of community, the variety of landscapes that support life, and the characters of these different places.

Rietz, Liza

LIZA RIETZ holds a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Lewis and Clark college and is a self taught clothing designer whose clothing line has been available for custom and retail since 2002. Liza has participated in dozens of group and independent fashion shows across our region and internationally.

Rios, Gina

GINA RIOS is a sculptor and jeweler from San Jose, CA. Her work is a study of the space between bodies and the nuance and potential that lives within that space. She applies fine craft technique to work that is layered and complex. Gina is currently living in Portland, OR where she is a candidate in the Applied Craft + Design MFA Program. Gina earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology at Lewis and Clark College in 2004 and returned to Portland after living in Oakland, CA to earn a Post Baccalaureate in Metals at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2012.

Rollins, Rich

RICH ROLLINS is a photographer and photographic educator. He received a MFA degree in photography from Arizona State University, a BS degree in Education from the University of Vermont and taught photography at Marylhurst University for 27 years. 

Rosenkoetter, Rachel

RACHEL ROSENKOETTER is a visual artist living in Portland, OR. Born and raised in MO, Brown Smith received a BFA in Painting from Missouri State University and her MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Utilizing painting, collage and installation, her work investigates mysticism and states of being. Revealing symbols and bodies as potent with sacred potential, Brown Smith harnesses physical forms to speak to a metaphysical ecstasy and excess.

Ross, Allyson

Allyson Ross is a jeweler and sculptor working in Portland, OR. She received a BFA from the Metals and Jewelry program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Since graduating in 2004, she has been working on her own production lines and selling her jewelry through boutiques and online shops such as etsy. A line of her rings were picked up by the store Anthropologie and sold nationally. Creating unique and affordable jewelry is one of her greatest interests.