Stoner, Deb

DEB STONER made her first silver lost wax ring in high school, in 1971, and has been joyfully exploring a wide variety of jewelry making techniques ever since. Deb has a BS in Geology from UC Davis, and a MFA in Jewelry/ Applied Design from San Diego State University, and has taught at OCAC on and off since 1989. Deb enjoys breaking down complex concepts so that even beginners will feel comfortable, and gets excited when her students surprise her with their ideas.


Strutz, Katy

KATY STRUTZ is a Portland based artist and illustrator who uses puppets, sets and photography to create character-centric images and films. Her work is singularly multidisciplinary with a passion for portraiture at its core. She graduated from RISD with a BFA in Illustration in 2015, and has spent the time since working as a professional fabricator for stop motion productions at companies including Laika, Hornet and Shadowmachine. 

Vranza, Mike

Mike is a commercial photographer and videographer based in Portland, OR. His
client work includes portraiture, industrial, architectural, and product assignments.
From 2009 to 2017 Mike led workshops and taught private lessons at Newspace
Center for Photography. In addition to his classes at Newspace, Mike has served as
the technical editor on two of Wiley Publishing’s Photoshop books, advised
corporate clients on Photoshop and digital editing, provided private lessons to
hobbyists and aspiring photographers, presented topics to local photography

Wheeler, Pat

PATRICIA WHEELER lives on a small island in Maine in the Penobscot Bay Region. She is a mixed media painter who believes that each of us has a purpose in life, which is the song that is in our heart. Her teaching practice is about releasing that song in her students, freeing them from old voices that inhibit the joy of painting. Using an abstract vocabulary she looks for intersections between unrelated elements within a painting. She exhibits widely throughout the U.S.


Wilbur, Greg

GREG WILBUR is a metalsmith/artist who lives in Portland Oregon.  Born and educated in Oregon, finished formal schooling at the University of Oregon in 1978, with degrees in Fine Art and Art Education.  He is a Viet Nam veteran. He is known for hammering/raising metal into sculptural and vessel forms, and has done so for 40 years. He is and has been an active supporter of the Creative Metal Art Guild,  Sitka Center of Art and Ecology, Seattle Metal Guild, Society of North American Goldsmiths; and was a founder of Art in the Pearl.

Wojciechowski, Pat

PAT WOJCIECHOWSKI's career in art spans almost 30 years. After graduating from Ringling School of Art, he began a long and varied career in graphic design and endeavors in all areas of art. His knife-making career began in an Adult Blacksmithing class taught by Master Carpenter and Blacksmith Tom Myers. Here, Pat discovered a love for the old world craft of moving metal, as well as a calling in the Hand Forged Knife business. Pat started Oaks Bottom Knives out of a deep desire to create art that is both beautiful and functional.

Wright, Paige

Starting at a young age in an after-school art class in Portland, Oregon, PAIGE WRIGHT discovered an access to play and a fulfillment of purpose through making with the figure in clay. After attending the University of Montana for her Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2006, Paige participated in two Artist-in-Residency programs, the Carbondale Clay Center's long-term program and the Red Lodge Clay Centers yearlong residency. Paige researched portraiture and the avenues of self-perception for her Masters in Fine Arts at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio in 2012.